If you have crooked or gappy teeth then aligning your teeth is one of the most conservative ways of having a beautiful straight smile. Straightening your teeth not only enhances your smile but it can also result in healthier gums as straight teeth are easier to clean than crooked teeth.

There are many orthodontic treatment options available for aligning teeth such as:

Fixed braces– traditional wires & brackets which are glued to your teeth. These can be metal or ceramic.

Clear aligners – individually customized transparent plastic trays which are changed weekly. These aligners are very discreet and can be removed to eat and brush your teeth so your oral hygiene can be maintained easily. Examples of clear aligners include Invisalign® and ClearSmile.

Inman aligner™ – a removable appliance that uses nickel-titanium coil springs technology to straighten the 4 front teeth in just a few weeks.