Hi, I'm Dr Maysoon

Hi, I'm Dr Maysoon

a UK trained dentist based in Dubai with 16 years experience in general and minimally invasive restorative and cosmetic dentistry. I am a family dentist with extensive experience in treating anxious kids and adults.

Try your new smile in 60 seconds!

My mission is to help you achieve your ideal smile both aesthetically and functionally. I want you to look good, but equally importantly, feel good about your own unique smile.

How do I do this? By designing your individual smile and then using one or a combination of different treatments such as cosmetic bonding, customised natural looking porcelain veneers, clear aligners and teeth whitening. You can be assured that ALL treatment options will be discussed and explained in order to enable you to make an informed decision to suit your preference. As well as the aesthetic dentistry, I also do routine treatments and I particularly love seeing and treating children.

A bit nervous? The clinic ambiance will make you totally relaxed and carefree whilst you’re having your teeth done. Not to mention calming music or Netflix on our flat TV screen on the ceiling to keep you entertained!


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Skye’s reaction to her new smile!

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Mr Moudz

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